Small scale corporate composting

A prototype composting facility was started at Etihad Airways to recycle garden waste produced onsite. Grass clippings, weeds, small scale woody plants and past best annuals that are constantly refreshed and usually throw away in landfill.

I provided the design of the first prototype bin, and the Engineering department built it from materials available onsite. We set up on double composting bins on the outskirts of the car park as a initial trail. The challenge was to constantly remind the gardening team to utilise this facility and to keep it damp in order to facilitate the decomposing process. This trail was soon expanded to 3 sets of bins created from the same template and we then set about working with the catering department to use them for green waste (lettuce leaves, peelings etc.)


Author: Afrinoon

Sustainable, creative designer and educator using Permaculture Ethics, Principles and Frameworks for land based and non landbased design projects

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