Usually we ask how we can meet our own needs. With permaculture we ask the broader question of how we can meet our needs, while also taking into account ecosystem health.

Permaculture looks closely at how ecosystems work and if we are willing to learn from and work with nature, we can make smarter decisions to inform how we live.

We believe that: Humans are a part of the planet and cannot be separated from it, and that Humans can be a positive force that leaves things better than we find them.

So if you are interested in making a small or large change to your relationship with nature we can offer help and advise.A bit of design advice is often the one thing you need to get you going on your own land, whether that’s a courtyard, balcony, small urban garden or a large smallholding.

We can offer a flexible service to meet your needs. Whether it is a survey of your land followed by a cup of coffee to discuss options, or a detailed design with maps, plans and planting lists. You can start off small and slow and work your way up to a more ambitious project once you have started seeing results. We can then help guide any further big design decision.

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