My name is Karen Noon and I am a Permaculture designer, consultant and educator.I am passionate about living in a sustainable earth friendly manner, working with nature rather than against it, recycling and reusing.

I offer garden design services, eco educational programmes tailored to your requirement and Permaculture training courses.

What is my business?

I believe that a business is a reflection of ones self.

I believe in the never ending capacity of nature to heal herself.  I view my role as one of facilitators of that process. I hold myself to a high standard of integrity, whilst striving to meet people where they are, and helping to design systems so that we may all move forward together.

What is my story?

I was born in the beautiful country of South Africa. At the end of 1995 I left Africa to travel, eventually settling in the UK, where I spent fifteen years working in the field of Finance and IT as a freelance consultant.

I came across Permaculture in 2009 whilst doing some research for personal garden design. In 2011 after recovering a serious illness I undertook my Permaculture Design course with Aranya in Hampshire, UK. This set me on a learning journey that I am privileged to enjoy to this day.

I completed my Diploma in Applied Permaculture Design in 2015, and prior to that I undertook the Training of Teachers course with Design Visions in 2012 and gaining my PTLLs certification.

I have trained with Darren Doherty from Regrarians in Regenerative Advanced Design and with Kirk Gadizia in Holstic Management, Planned Grazing.

I have also completed a course in Entrepreneurial Gourmet Mushroom cultivation with Dr W Adrian Smit from the Mushroom Academy

I  am currently studying for my MSc with Gaia University on the subject of Integrative Eco-social Design.

Having worked in the corporate world for many years, I discovered that Permaculture engages all my existing skills sets, and encourages me to discover and master skills I never knew I had. It had a grounding effect that connected me with the natural world, and at the same time helped me tap into my innate wisdom and creativity.


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